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Marianne Peña

Serves in the Latino Connection as Vice President. She resides in Miami, Florida where she pastors New Vision Church, a bilingual church, alongside her husband, William. They have 3 children. Marianne and William have pastored at New Vision for 7 years, previously serving in worship and with youth.

Refugio Sánchez

Originally from Oaxaca Mexico, he emigrated to the United States in 1985, where in 1992 he married Elena González. In 1996 the two gave their lives to Christ at the Free Methodist Church of Santa Ana California.
In 2020 Pastor Refugio was appointed director of Hispanic ministries for the Southern California Conference. And by God's grace he has now been named president of the new Latino Connection in the United States.
Pastor Refugio and Pastor Elena serve the Lord fervently at Santa Ana FMC church with their children since 2012 as pastors, in a vibrant and multicultural congregation.

José Edgar Sosa

is the senior pastor and founder of the Spring of Life Free Methodist Church in Mount Vernon, NY. The main vision that governs his ministry is based on Worshiping God, Loving Others and Serving the Community "

Jose Segura

He is a pastor at Grace and Truth Church, a bilingual church in the city of San Antonio.
He was trained in the Free Methodist Church since he was born, growing up in the church pastored by his parents Macario and María Segura.

Miguel Nuñez

Born in Uruguay, he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior from an early age, and since then he had a great interest in receiving different biblical studies in his country of origin.
He traveled to the United States in 2004, to serve the Lord as associate pastor at Casa de Barro Church in San Francisco, where he currently continues to serve, now as senior pastor, in the company of his wife Marianette Nuñez.

Daniel jaquez

Daniel is Pastor of the Reach Church in the city of Clermont, with
ministerial experience with his wife Indhira beginning as
youth directors and church planters characterize them
genuine desire to work in the expansion of the kingdom of God in any
necessary capacity.

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